08 April 2007

Police discover new Jamaah Islamiyah structure

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Thursday, 05 April, 2007 | 15:08 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: The Indonesian Police headquarters suspects the structure of the Jamaah Islamiyah organization was currently being simplified.

“Because they are being cornered more, they are creating a structure that is more condensed,” said Inspector General Sisno Adi Winoto, spokesperson for the Indonesian Police headquarters, when contacted by Tempo yesterday (04/04).

He cited, in a new structure that police is investigating, the term mantiqi, which existed in the group's structure when bombing Kuta, Bali, in 2002, was no longer mentioned.

The Indonesian Police headquarters has found a structure revision in the Jamaah Islamiyah network.

Currently, the network has military wing division named Syariah or Qoriyah or Askari.

These findings are based on investigations into terrorist suspects who were captured only a short time ago.

The military division is led by Abu Dujana, who is now still on the run.

“Abu Dujana;s task is to collect weapons, ammunition and explosives,” said Sisno.

Under the new structure, Abu Dujana is assisted by a katibah or secretary; a khozin or treasurer; and a majid syariah or majelis idaroh syariah.

Sidney Jones, terrorism observer of the Crisis Group of South-East Asia, acknowledged the alteration.

According to her, the term ishobah has never been referred to in the already uncovered Jamaah structure of 2003.

“However, I do not yet know the function of this ishobah,” she said.

Yesterday, the Indonesian Police headquarters withdrew half of the troops from the Special Detachment 88 as well as the Bomb Task Force.

The troops that were withdrawn were located in Yogyakarta, Central Java and East Java.

“This was done in order to consolidate and carry out intensive interrogation of the suspects,” said Sisno.

The troops are now focused on dismantling the new structure that Jamaah Islamiyah has set up.


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