04 February 2007

Email dari sohib ana asal Irak

*Alhamdulillahhirabbil'alamin, wa sholatu wa salamu'alal asyrofil anbiya-i wal mursalin, sayyidina, wa habibina, wa qudwatina, wa maulana Muhammad shalallahu'alaihi wassalam*

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Wahai ikhwan wa akhwat yang senantiasa tabayyun,

Semalem ana terima email dari sohib ana yang bernama lengkap Abu Jasim Hussein Abdul Fatah - disingkat Abu Hussein. Sebagai sesama muslim, ana benar-benar terharu kala membaca emailnya, walau dia menuliskannya dalam bahasa kafir. Ana juga tidak tahu kenapa Abu Hussein tidak menuliskannya dalam Bahasa Arab yang ana lebih fahami dan amat ana hayati? Mungkin dia pikir ana yang mukim di Indonesia tak faham bahasa gurun.

Sebagai seorang muslim, tentu sahaja ana akan membantu sekuat tenaga, baik moril maupun materiil, kepada saudaraku sesama muslim yang sedang dilanda kesusahan di manapun berada. Ana yakin, sebagai seorang muslim, Abu Hussein bukanlah seorang penipu. Islam tidak pernah mengajarkan kepada umatnya ilmu tipu menipu. Ana dan sohib-sohib ana yang tersebar dimana-mana sudah tahu akan laknat Allah SWT apabila kita menipu kepada sesama umat. Ya, neraka jahanam menanti kita!




Imel Abu Hussein: abu_hussein028@hotmail.fr

Dear sir,

I write to seek your cooperation as my foreign partner and your assistance to enable me an Iraqi with name Abu Jasim Hussein Abdul Fatah to own a property and invest in the stable economy of your country. l decided to contact you because i cannot invest in your country without an assistant from someone from your country.

And i will be glad to hear from you most in respect of the tax on foreign investors and the economic situation of your country if it will be stable for such investment oppurtunity that amounted to $175 Million USD. I have the total intention of investing into an estate development and other lucrative investment in your country such as agriculture and fishing.

Although i am on transit and you can as well reach me on my site light number: +882163329060 for oral communication.I am afraid because it was an escape mission through the assistance of the UN and i am secured but lost my elder brother who is Hatem Kamil Abdul Fatah the assasinated deputy governor of Baghdad and the above said funds was the deposit he made in a safe finance house which i will disclose the details to you upon our conclussive agreement and mutual understanding.

The websites below is a proof and verification of the news about his death:



Being that i am the only brother remaining, his enemies planed to assasinate me so that they could lay hands on his assets but i managed to escape through the United Nation assistance and i am on transit now and could be reached on the above site light number.

I will require a good partnership from you as a native of the land with your great impact in business and more details will be given to you on proceed.
In respect of your managerial assistance you shall be subjected to the entitlement of 20% as remark to your effort but please it will require absolute submit and whole hearted assistance from you as a great indigenous support.

Much co-operation will be required from you.

Anticipating your urgent response.

Abu Jasim Hussein Abdul Fatah